Flute Advent Calendar: Self-Care + Taffanel + Gaubert!

This season, I'm giving myself the gift of self-care and intentional improvements each day in December. What's a more festive way to do that than with a Flute Advent Calendar?!

Copy of Copy of Copy of Copy of D-I-YHOLY GRAIL.jpg

Here's the guide:

  • Each day is filled with one exercise from Taffanel and Gaubert or an exercise in self-care or inspiration.
  • If you're going away at some point during the holidays and not bringing an instrument with you, fill in those days with mental practice! Listening to or watching inspiring performances is important, it can fuel your excitement to return to your instrument, rather than fueling the guilt and dread. It's easy and only takes a few minutes!
  • If you're feeling "too busy to have a real practice session" on any of the days, here's permission to approach each task without warming up or fully completing it before your timer goes off. (You choose how many minutes!)


Put perfection aside: the goal is to set an intention, practice the task around the intention, and improve one small thing in a specific way each day.

^ (Click on the above image to download a PDF Version)

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