Instagram FAQ: Cameras, LefreQue, and Playing Fast!

One of my favorite things is connecting with other musicians via Instagram! In honor of hitting 10K followers this month, I decided to round up my most frequently asked questions and answer them all in one post!

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  • What camera do you use for photos and videos, and how do you get your photos to look like that?
    • I use a Canon EOS M3 with a Rode microphone attached.
    • I recently had the honor of talking about creating images for the blog and Instagram in an interview with The Flute Examiner! Click here to read it!


  • What kind of flute and piccolo do you play on?
    • I play on an Altus 1507 with a David Williams-Gary Schocker Headjoint, and a Burkart Professional piccolo.


  • What are your thoughts on fill-in-the-blank-flute-brand?
    • I don't have a strong preference for or against any brand of flute, and I believe that choosing an instrument is highly personal because everyone is unique. My best advice if you're in the market for a new instrument is to take your time and try as many brands and models as possible - don't rule anything out until you've experienced it for yourself!


  • Where did you get your baroque flute?
    • I purchased my Simon Polak baroque flute from his booth at the National Flute Association Convention. You can find out about his instruments and see which conventions he'll be visiting at his website:


  • What is that thing on between the headjoint and body of your flute?
    • It's a LefreQue sound bridge! Find out all about what it is and how it works on


  • What are your thoughts on the LefreQue?
    • I took advantage of the free trial offered by many distributors, and tried a Silver, Yellow Gold Silver Plated, and Rose Gold Silver Plated in 41mm.
    • During the trial, I rotated through each option for two days. With the silver, I noticed no change at all. With both gold options, I noticed an added resonance to the sound, and also a subtle sense of "forgiveness" from cracking notes. I ultimately went with the Rose Gold option because it was a bit warmer than the Yellow Gold, which seemed a bit more harsh.
    • The difference is very subtle. If you're expecting a complete change in tone, note that it's an enhancement that's attached on the outside of the flute - it won't have the same impact as a new headjoint!
    • From my experience, it really varies from instrument to instrument, and the metal you choose can make the most difference, as well. (I had a friend try my LefreQue on her silver flute with a gold headjoint, and it seemed to stifle the resonance of her instrument.) I can't say if it will work for you, so I highly recommend taking advantage of a trial to test each of the metals and decide how well it works for your instrument. 


  • What app are you using when playing off an iPad?
    • I've actually never tried a music-reading app! I often pull pieces up right on IMSLP or using Chrome or Safari. 


  • Why do you have a skeleton?
    • Because of Body Mapping! Learning to play and teach based on anatomical reality has transformed my approach to playing. Having a full-sized, three-dimensional skeleton as a reference is extremely helpful for observing and applying information about the body while practicing and teaching.





  • Do lessons via Skype really work?

    • The self-awareness techniques that guide my lessons are uniquely and perfectly suited for lessons via Skype! Lessons involve questioning, guided experimentation, and discussion to identify habitual barriers to uncover greater freedom. The verbal and visual feedback that occur during experimentation mean that breakthrough moments are more than possible via Skype! I have a great amount of experience listening and watching students carefully to detect and address subtleties in all areas playing.

See what current Skype students have to say!

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Thank you all for following along on Instagram, and for the opportunity to support you in your own journeys as much as you support me in mine!