Skype Flute Lessons

I am pleased to offer online lessons via Skype and FaceTime to students that are located outside the Austin, Texas area! 

It is my goal to guide all students to reach their full potential through self-awareness, and Skype lessons provide a unique  opportunity to improve based on self-inquiry, ultimately allowing all musicians to become more intuitive and self-trusting.

All students can learn to become more efficient and free music-makers, even from the comfort of your own home!

Weekly Lessons

  • Areas covered include the full range of studio curriculum: Fundamental tone and technique instruction, in addition to breathing, postural guidance, awareness techniques, and more. Lessons curriculum and repertoire assignments are based on the short and long-term goals of each individual student.

Coaching + Single Lessons

  • Receive advice and instruction to elevate your performance skill-set before upcoming auditions, recital performances, competitions, or performance exams.

  • Need a fresh perspective? Single lessons are a great way to gain new ideas to spark creativity in your practice sessions and have more breakthroughs on your own!


  • Due to the logistics of online lessons, I am happy to provide a 30-minute trial Skype lesson for potential students to act as both a set-up test, consultation and mini-lesson - this provides a chance to share your experiences and goals, allows you to gain more insight into my teaching style and ensure your Skype set-up will provide the experience we’re hoping for!

  • *Normal lesson rates apply to trial lessons. However, should you decide to enroll in recurring lessons, this charge will be taken off your next invoice.*





  • Due to space limitations and the nature of beginning flute lessons, flutists should have a minimum of 1-2 years of experience to be considered for Skype Lessons.

  • Adult students re-visiting flute after years away are welcome, as well!

Required Materials

  • Students must have an up-to-date Skype account

  • Web-Cam or Built-In Camera on Desktop Computer, Laptop, Tablet, iPad, or iPhone

  • Speakers or Headphones

  • Microphone or Built-In Microphone

  • A tripod or prop for tablet or phone


  • Utilize a well-lit space with plenty of room to distance the camera and microphone in several settings: Provide enough space to capture a full-length shot while standing.

  • Lessons typically include both sitting and standing. Utilize a chair that most closely resembles that of your band room or performance venue.

  • Test equipment beforehand by recording a video that includes both speaking and playing.

  • At the time of scheduling, please identify specific pieces or materials you'd like to work on so I may have them ready to follow along and reference.

  • Please note your time zone when scheduling. (I am on Central Standard Time.)


  • 30-minute Skype lesson: $29

  • 45-minute Skype lesson: $39

  • 60-minute Skype lesson: $49


  • A PayPal invoice will be provided after confirming a lesson time: Please provide a preferred e-mail address associated with your PayPal account upon scheduling.

  • Payment is due at the time of the scheduled lesson.


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Accepted applicants will receive an e-mail of confirmation containing a link to schedule your lesson.

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Teaching Philosophy

Each student is an individual with a unique voice. As a teacher, it is my job to understand the unique needs and goals of every student. Each lesson is comprised of smaller goals that are custom-tailored toward unlocking confidence, connection, and artistic expression.  

I believe in a strong foundation of breathing, tone, and technique, and a continuous refinement of fundamental skills. Lessons encourage students to become more self-aware while playing, and therefore promote self-questioning, observation, and discovery. All students learn to practice efficiently by becoming their own teachers, ultimately becoming more intuitive collaborators and educators. In addition, students learn to think creatively and adapt any material to enhance their own fundamental goals while practicing. 

My teaching is strongly influenced by the principles of Body Mapping, the Alexander Technique, and the Feldenkrais Method. Students will learn to prevent pain and discomfort, manage performance anxiety, and maximize breath capacity to promote ease of expression and freedom in playing. Visit the blog to see how I utilize these techniques to improve my playing!

Additionally, students gain an understanding of musicality, historical practices and sophisticated interpretations, studying music from the Baroque era to Contemporary music and extended techniques. 

Live performance experience is crucial to growth as an artist, and I encourage students to take advantage of performance opportunities in solo, chamber, and large ensemble environments. These experiences are necessary for developing listening, intonation, and collaboration skills. In addition, students will gain an understanding of the layers of audition preparation and learn the skills needed to perform consistently.

The ultimate goal for every student is to find joy in making music.