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About Jolene Madewell

Originally from Carver, Massachusetts, Jolene Madewell is a flutist and teacher residing in Austin, Texas.

For the past decade, Jolene’s passion has been the study and application of somatic and self-awareness techniques to improve music performance. She was the recipient of an Undergraduate Research Fellowship (SURF) grant from the Hamel Center for Undergraduate Research at the University of New Hampshire to complete a project entitled: The Balanced Flutist: A Study of the Benefits of Body Mapping on Flute Performance. Jolene has studied Body Mapping extensively with Lea Pearson, Vanessa Breault Mulvey, and Dr. Jenni Cook, and has attended the Biennial International Andover Educators Conference and numerous workshops related to performance health and awareness techniques. She is also a student of the Alexander Technique, studying with Steven Brennfleck.

Jolene has presented numerous master classes and workshops on holistic performance, flute fundamentals, and Texas region etudes. Most recently, she was a featured guest artist for the Texas Flute Society, presenting a master class and workshop at Brookhaven College entitled Effortless Playing Through Self Awareness.

Her private instruction integrates principles of Body Mapping and the Alexander Technique to address performance anxiety and unlock natural, artistic expression. She maintains a private teaching studio online via Skype and Facetime, and in-person at her studio in Cedar Park, Texas, just north of Austin.

Jolene’s work has attracted a large online following, sharing inspiration through Instagram, YouTube, and her blog, Practice Room Revelations. She was recently published in The Flute View’s April 2019 issue, and has been featured in The Flute Examiner, Music Studio Startup Podcast, Passion Behind the Art Podcast, Breakthrough Music Podcast, and The Flute View. She will be speaking on a social media and entrepreneurship panel at the 2019 National Flute Association Convention in Salt Lake City.

Jolene has performed at National Flute Association and Florida Flute Association Conventions, and she has been privileged to perform in master classes throughout the nation with such renowned artists as Amy Porter, Ian Clarke, Bonita Boyd, Amy Likar, Liisa Ruoho, Judith Mendenhall, Tim Munro of Eighth Blackbird, Jean Ferrandis, Na'ama Lion, Aldo Baerten, Gary Schocker, baroque flutist Christopher Krueger, pianist Linda Mark, and harpsichordist Shalev Ad-El. She has enjoyed performing with the Tallahassee Composer's Orchestra, the Cinematic Symphony, the Central Texas Medical Orchestra, and the St. Edward's Symphony Orchestra. She has also studied baroque flute with Professor Eva Amsler and has performed with the Florida State Baroque Ensemble.

Jolene received a Master of Music degree in Flute Performance from Florida State University, where she held a graduate teaching assistantship as a student of flute performance and pedagogy with Professor Eva Amsler. She performed as principal flutist of the FSU Symphony Orchestra, Chamber Winds, and Wind Orchestra, and performed as piccoloist on the orchestra's recording of Dohnanyi's Symphony No. 2 for the Naxos Recording Label. Prior, she received a Bachelor of Music Degree from the University of New Hampshire as a student of Peggy Vagts.

Jolene is proud to be a Beaumont Music Artist.