2017 Highlights + The Year's Top 5 Most Popular Posts

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2017 was a pretty great year! I got married, practiced a lot, learned more ways to stay inspired, and had the opportunity to inspire others!


Here are a few of my highlights, in addition to the top five most popular blog posts this year.


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The top post of the year is truly representative of the biggest lesson I learned this past year - that letting go of perfectionism in favor of "Improving a Little Bit Each Day" is truly the way to face weaknesses and seek improvement.

I learned to put self-judgement aside and let curiosity lead, and I feel that I finally climbed out of my post-graduation rut this year. I'm believing in my own ability to improve, and I'm feeling inspired by all that is possible!

Thank you for all the support and inspiration this past year! I'm looking forward to plenty of inspiration and breakthroughs in 2018!

Happy New Year!

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