Inspiration for Sound, Presence + Repertoire: YouTube Playlists for Flutists


A while back, I shared my favorite recordings for listening inspiration. Today, I wanted to share my favorite YouTube videos!


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I'm often referring my students to listening inspiration on YouTube, so I've created several public playlists on my channel to share and constantly update with my own personal favorites.

The benefit of videos is that we have a chance to observe and absorb the physical presence of some of our favorite artists.

  • Are they grounded and easy?
  • How do they interact with their collaborators or the audience?
  • How do they bow and enter and exit the stage?


While most of these artists have exceptional poise, I have a separate playlist dedicated to a few examples of refined poise, effortlessness, and commanding or captivating stage presence.


These examples may have higher quality video or angles that showcase the artist as they play, so we can observe things like eye contact with the audience, interactions with collaborators, elegant movements and effortless breathing, remaining grounded while floating up and out into the space... and so forth.


Try On Inspiration


As I mentioned in my favorite recordings post, we can try on a sound and find new possibilities when we listen to high quality recordings.


We can do the same thing with videos - try on a presence, movement pattern, or stance.

What is it like?

YouTube Playlists


Click the image or button below to head on over to my YouTube Channel to find my created playlists, or go directly to each playlist via the links below! 


I'll be continuously updating and adding to these lists, and would love to hear some of your favorites or suggestions in the comments below!