May Inspiration Calendar

This Month's Themes!

There are two main themes present in this month's calendar!

  • Improving Technique
  • Audition Preparation: Deep and Effective Practice + Mental Strength and Focus

Over the past few weeks, I have been digging in to as many resources as possible while preparing for a professional audition. There are so many layers to a thorough preparation when it comes to auditions, but deep practice and mental strength for consistent, uninhibited performances have been my main focus. I have included several resources that I find useful, in addition to practice intentions and activities that led me to several breakthroughs!

In addition, I have received many requests for technique tips and a technique calendar! I have put a lot of thought into the subject, and will be sharing a Technique Workout Tracker, Technique Prompt Sheet, and a video full of tips and exercises demonstrations that will be available during the first week of May!

Tips for Using Your Calendar

  • While this is not a practice calendar, there are several actions that are to be implemented directly into your practice session, such as the Practice Intention ideas.
  • There's no need to do every action in the order specified. If you're one to print out calendars like this one, then stop using them after one day if you haven't done everything as listed perfectly, here's permission to use it however you'd like
  • Half the days are intentionally left blank, and you're encouraged to fill them in with actions that are very specific to your own personal sources of inspiration or goals.
  • The first action involves reviewing your goals, and writing them specifically in the space at the top. 
  • Items with an asterisk (*) have corresponding links and explanations that are available below the calendar at the end of this post! 

Set Your New Goals

Take a moment to reflect and check-in on goals, experiences, and behaviors, ask the following questions:

  • Am I on track with my overall goals?
  • Are my behaviors reflective of what I wish to accomplish in the short and long-term?
  • What have I observed in myself that I wish to change?

Here you Go!

Click the image or click the button below to download your free PDF!


I am SO EXCITED to see your calendars and the ways you're staying inspired throughout the month! Use the hashtag #practiceroomrevelations and tag @joleneflute to share!