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3 Tips for Effortless Technique in the Upper Register [Video]


This video was inspired by a flutist who asked for advice for achieving more eveness in the third octave of the chromatic scale. I'm sharing my favorite tips for playing faster with greater precision in the upper register, including practice tips, exercises, and resources. 

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1. Stability & Hand Balance [0:09]

2. Even Note Groupings and Anchor Notes [2:29]

3. Practicing Smaller Chunks in All Octaves [4:40]


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Multiphonics Tutorial + 5 Daily Exercises [Video]

Hello, friends! Here is my first in-depth extended techniques tutorial on Multiphonics! I've included 5 ways to practice them as a part of your daily warm-up! These really open your awareness to your airstream, embouchure, and ability to resonate with space in the mouth, making them great additions to your tone study!

Fingerings Mentioned:

  • Fingering for High D / Sounds High D + Middle C
  • Fingering for E Natural without L1 + TR1 / Sounds Middle E + Middle C#
  • Fingering for Middle F + Both Trill Keys / Sounds Middle F + Middle D

Additional fingerings can be found online via Flutecolors' Multiphonics Finder and the publications by Robert Dick listed below.

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