Top 5 Favorite Blog Posts from July


"Ultimately, your technique is only as good as your sense of time." 

Great tips for simplifying the process and reaping the benefits of self-recording while practicing!

“Performance presence is born out of a sincere and deep connection to the music you are playing and the desire to share this with your audience." 

"How setting the right practice goal can help us improve more in the same amount of time (hint: practicing for time or number of repetitions is not the answer)."

"Note the acute observation required here: the tiniest hesitation or deviating muscle movement is to Lynne an indicator of further work being required."

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Practice Tracker [Free Printable Download]

Here is a free 31-day Practice Tracker to print and use to keep track of your daily practice habits!

  • Utilize the space at the bottom of the sheet to write your overall goals. Seeing them daily will help to motivate you!
  • In the boxes to the left, list the action steps, exercises, or daily habits that will help you achieve those goals! 
  • Mark off the box to the corresponding day after you've completed each exercise. 
  • Share your tracker on Instagram! Tag @joleneflute or use #practiceroomrevelations!
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I am SO EXCITED to see your downloads in use and the ways you're staying inspired throughout the month! Use the hashtag #practiceroomrevelations and tag @joleneflute to share!