March Inspiration Calendar

Welcome to March, friends! I am happy to share a new Inspiration Calendar for the new month! 

How to Use It

  • While this is not a practice calendar, there are several actions that are to be implemented directly into your practice session, such as the Practice Intention ideas.
  • There's no need to do every action in the order specified. If you're one to print out calendars like this one, then stop using them after one day if you haven't done everything as listed perfectly, here's permission to use it however you'd like
  • Half the days are intentionally left blank, and you're encouraged to fill them in with actions that are very specific to your own personal sources of inspiration or goals.
  • The first action involves reviewing your goals, and writing them specifically in the space at the top. Here are mine:

Set New Goals

Take a moment to reflect and check-in on goals, experiences, and behaviors, ask: "Am I on track with my overall goals? Are my behaviors reflective of what I wish to accomplish in the short and long-term? What have I observed in myself that I wish to change?

Last Month's Observations

My goals from February involved a re-establishment of optimal breathing and lots of Constructive Rest. (Read all about it on last month's post!) Awareness of rib movement has settled back in as a daily habit, and I'm able to take fuller, more comfortable breaths more often! I also utilized Constructive Rest to clear my mind and release tension before practicing and playing. It hasn't become a daily habit, but we're getting closer!

I realized that while focusing on specific parts, such as the ribs or the feet, I leave others out of the picture. I rarely consider the hip joints, and can even forget to notice the balance of my head on top of the spine.

In addition, I've been uncovering some connections between a lifted soft palate, support, and throat tension that I haven't been able to put into words yet.


  • Spend time on my body map, specifically re-evaluating my representation of my hip joints and the relationship of the spine and balance of the head.
  • Use video recordings to evaluate movements and habits in a more specific way to better understand how I'm moving as a whole.
  • Spend time experimenting with throat tension, and learn more about the relationship between the soft palate and support.


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As always, I love seeing your calendars in action! Use the hashtag #practiceroomrevelations and tag @JoleneFlute so I can share in the excitement!