Turning Awareness Into A Habit

Choosing to be intentional, mindful, and observant while practicing can expedite our learning process and lead to a number of benefits in our playing.

In our time away from our instruments, do we approach life in a similar way? Are we as methodical? As emotional? As focused? As accepting? As regimented? As nervous? As judgmental?



Choose to observe your thoughts as they occur. Notice how you feel in an array of scenarios, and let yourself be. Practice observing yourself with whatever emotions you're feeling, noting that any feelings you have a visitors that do not define who you are. When it comes time to practice or perform, we can access the power of observation. Freedom from fear and negativity stems from observing and accepting.


physical awareness

We can notice things an array of things when practicing mindfulness. Use all the senses. 

When I first began studying Body Mapping, my teacher Vanessa Mulvey told me to find a trigger action that reminds me to check in, and two of them stick with me:

  • Every time I stop at a red light, I'll check in with my jaw to see if I've added tension.
  • Every time I'm standing in line at a store, I can check in with balance.


Cultivate your awareness habit

As you continue through the week, find a trigger action that speaks to you and your own goals. In addition, make it a point to observe, allow, and accept the emotions that come with the ups and downs of the day.