Happy October!

It's October! (Though based on the fact that it is 86 degrees, I'm going to call it "August: Part III.")

I missed my chance to post during the entire month of September, and that's a reflection of just how busy the first few weeks of school have been. Wonderful things have happened in the past month, and I feel incredibly grateful to be a member of such a thriving community of musicians.

1. I bought a piccolo! Burkart Professional model with Wave headjoint. I am in love. It has a gorgeous, flexible sound. I can even taper in the upper register! What a wonderful change it is to not be completely panicked through an entire rehearsal!

2. Jean Ferrandis visited our studio to teach master classes and present a recital. My jaw was on the floor every time he played, and his "Afternoon of a Faun" performance gave me the chills. It was such a joy to meet him!

3. Andover Educator and flutist Rhonda Cassano visited from Jacksonville to present a Body Mapping workshop, and she gave me a private lesson that completely reawakened some important ideas about breathing and movement. We first met at Amy Porter's Anatomy of Sound masterclass in 2011. I learned a lot from her!

4. Every single lesson I've had with Professor Amsler has been life-changing. She is an intuitive teacher, and she genuinely cares for her students, offering the most encouraging learning environment possible. We're going back to the fundamentals, and I feel that I'm on a wonderful journey that will lead me to more mature playing. I'm thrilled about this! She has helped me to clarify many of the Body Mapping ideas I've been confused about, as well. I'm so grateful to have such an incredible teacher!

I've been trying so many new ideas in the past few weeks that I'm still feeling overloaded. As I continue to refine these new techniques, I will be writing about them each week. Stay tuned for some exciting tips!

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