{ r e v e l a t i o n s } Monday, July 9th

The words: "I thought I wanted a job, but it turns out I just wanted paychecks" best describe my attitude about work. I sit around thinking about practicing. Which is good. But also terrible. (I literally burst into tears one day. I really wanted to walk out the door and run home in the rain to be reunited with my long lost love...I shouldn't watch the Notebook anymore.) Anyway, making the most of my free time at home is becoming crucial, and I'm also starting to overcome my post-work tiredness to practice as efficiently as possible.

I've been decently successful with my original "Summer To-Do List" plan, though there are still a few things that I haven't even started. I've been recording myself every time I practice, and it is wonderfully helpful. If I'm limited for practice time, I record various sections at different tempi then analyze them from my bed. It's actually working out. (Nothing makes me happier than being productive from my bed.)

After practicing tonight, I have one simple revelation to report. It's almost ridiculous.


The idea to consciously listen to the music I was playing popped into my head, and VOILA! Enter effortless musicality via inclusive awareness. 

My tone was more resonant.
I was able to fill the space more.
I was no longer stumbling through difficult technical passages (even the ones I had barely practiced).

Let me just say it again:



Get out of the way and let the composer's intentions guide your performance.


Jolene HarjuComment