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+ Curriculum

Lessons are customized to the needs of each student and include instruction in the following areas:

  • Developing a Supple, Flexible Tone as a Solid Foundation of Playing
  • Polished, Even Technique, Memorization of Scales and Patterns
  • Clean, Resonant Articulation, Including Double and Triple Tonguing
  • Developing a Sophisticated Sense of Musicality, Phrasing, Interpretation, and Vibrato
  • Improving Rhythm and an Understanding of Basic Music Theory
  • Ensemble Skills Including Deeper Awareness, Listening, Intonation, Blending, Leading and Following
  • Breathing, Balance, and Postural Ease in Sitting and Standing
  • Awareness Techniques and Mental Preparation to manage performance anxiety, reduce discomfort, and unlock free, expressive playing
  • Etudes, Solo Repertoire, Orchestral Excerpts, Ensemble Music
  • Audition/Competition Preparation, Stage Presence
  • Extended Techniques for Tone Development and Applications in Repertoire, Beat-boxing
  • Piccolo Instruction: Flexibility of Sound and Dynamics, Intonation, Ensemble Awareness, and Audition Repertoire

+ Skype Lesson Guidelines

  • Due to space limitations and the nature of beginning flute lessons, flutists should have a minimum of 2-3 years of experience to be considered for Skype Lessons, and students must have some prior ability to read music.
  • Adult students re-visiting flute after years away are welcome, as well!
  • Students must be at least 14 years old to sign up.
  • Recurring weekly lessons are recommended to all students.
  • Prospective students will be scheduled for one individual lesson to meet before registering for a full month of lessons. (Normal lesson rates apply to initial in-person lessons.)
  • Students are expected to come prepared to lessons with their instrument in good working order, any relevant music/handouts, music stand, pencil, and a notebook.
  • A metronome, tuner, recording device, and staff paper are also recommended materials.

+ Required Materials

  • Students must have an up-to-date Skype or FaceTime account
  • Web-Cam or Built-In Camera on Desktop Computer, Laptop, Tablet, iPad, or iPhone
  • Speakers or Headphones
  • Microphone or Built-In Microphone
  • A tripod or prop for tablet or phone

+ Payment Schedule

  • Monthly invoices will be provided via email at the beginning of each new month.
  • Invoices contain a direct link to easily pay online via PayPal. Venmo is also accepted, and cash or check may be provided in-person, as well.

+ Cancellation Policy

  • Unused may roll over as a credit towards next month’s invoice as long as cancellation is provided by e-mail, text or call no less than 24 hours in advance.
  • If enough notice is provided, we may attempt to reschedule within the same week pending availability.
  • No refunds or credits may be given for no-show lessons or cancellations made with less than 24 hours notice.
  • No refunds are given for unused lessons should the student choose to terminate lessons before completing their monthly term.

+ Trial Lessons

  • Due to the logistics of online lessons, I am happy to provide one FREE 30-minute trial Skype lesson for potential students to act as both a set-up test, consultation and mini-lesson - this provides a chance to share your experiences and goals, allows you to gain more insight into my teaching style and ensure your Skype set-up will provide the experience we’re hoping for. (Free trials lessons apply only to online lessons.)

+ Skype Lesson Rates

  • 30-minute Skype lesson: $29

  • 45-minute Skype lesson: $39

  • 60-minute Skype lesson: $49

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 What are Students Saying?


“My tone is beautiful and getting better daily and technique is becoming easy and improving at a remarkable pace.”


“It's always a blast to have Skype lessons with her. I absolutely recommend Jolene as a teacher!”


“Jolene exceeded my expectations right from the first few Skype lessons. I didn't think so much could be done!”


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