There are a multitude of benefits to playing a musical instrument, including improved memory, coordination, and self-esteem, but the ultimate goal is finding joy in making music. At any age or experience level, musical expression and connection are the guiding principal for students.

I believe in a strong foundation of breathing, tone, and technique, and a continuous refinement of fundamental skills. Lessons encourage students to become more self-aware while playing, and therefore promote self-questioning, observation, and discovery. Students learn to practice efficiently by becoming their own teachers, and become more intuitive collaborators and educators.

My teaching is strongly influenced by the principles of Body Mapping, the Alexander Technique, and the Feldenkrais Method. Students will learn to prevent pain and discomfort, manage performance anxiety, and maximize breath capacity to promote ease of expression and freedom in playing. Visit the blog to see how I utilize these techniques to improve my playing!

Additionally, students gain an understanding of musicality, historical practices and sophisticated interpretations, studying music from the Baroque era to Contemporary music and extended techniques. 

Live performance experience is crucial to growth as an artist, and I encourage students to take advantage of performance opportunities in solo, chamber, and large ensemble environments. These experiences are necessary for developing listening, intonation, and collaboration skills. In addition, students will gain an understanding of the layers of audition preparation and learn the skills needed to perform consistently.

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