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I am a flutist and teacher currently living in Austin, Texas, and I am obsessed with improving as efficiently as possible through self-awareness techniques.

Where did it all start? At my very first master class, I was introduced to the Alexander Technique. While playing, I received this instruction:

"Release the Back Of Your Head."

I was taken aback by this, because what on Earth does the back of my head have to do with Poulenc?

When I instructed myself to release, however, everything about the experience of playing changed

I could breathe easier, my sound opened to the room, and I could create phrases with complete ease and freedom.

Even more than practicing to improve on my own, the thing that energizes me the most is guiding others to their own revelations through self-awareness! I am happiest while teaching private lessons in Austin and Cedar Par, Texas, and internationally via Skype, and I love sharing stories, tips, inspiration, and resources over on the blog.




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